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The Wee Musketeers
Robert Bresloff (Author) and Daniel Ziembo (Illustrator)
Hungry Goat Press,Gauthier Publications
(ISBN #978-0-9820812-5-9)
available from Amazon.com

A Selection of Chapter Illustrations with Descriptions

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Chap. 3 The two friends gave Bobby a reluctant nod.
“ALL FOR ONE!” exclaimed Bobby. Then the three friends shouted loudly, “ONE FOR ALL!”


Chap. 5 “At least I have you!” exclaimed the large guard. “D’Artagnan acknowledged Fritzy with a nod before intensifying the fight. But the guard was not to be denied his chance to defeat the superior swordsman and rallied with all his effort. The clash of swords was deafening.

Chap. 7 The three imprisoned musketeers huddled tensely before the open hearth, hoping for the muffled voices to move closer to the fireplace above. It wasn’t more than a moment before they did. The two voices echoed up the stack, but were clear enough to hear.

Chap. 9 Without a word, the boys turned on their heels and started back toward the street. Too late! The path was blocked by three of the largest men the eleven-year old boys could ever imagine. Dressed in the smart, red and black uniforms of the Cardinal’s Guard, their faces stared down the blades of three gleaming swords. Swords pointed directly at Bobby and his friends.

Chap. 12 The trip through the bustling streets of Paris was slow. A day full of carriage traffic and an unsure driver made the short journey seem like days instead of hours. D’Artagnan sat, concealed by a ratty red curtain, just behind Grandpa Max. Peering through a small hole he had Planchet cut in the curtain, D’Artagnan was able to see well enough to guide Max along the busy Paris streets.


Chap. 13 The third guard, unaware that his companions had been beaten, rushed into the empty stall in search of Porthos. Except for thick rope that hung from above, there was nothing in the stall. “Yoo-hoo”, said a voice from above. The guard looked up just in time to see the bottle of Spanish wine before it smashed against his head, knocking him out cold. The guard hit the straw covered floor with a thud.

Chap. 17 A thickly built man wearing the emblem of the King’s Musketeers stepped out from behind a large tree and bowed gracefully. Baptiste gasped. His henchmen trembled. D’Artagnan smiled broadly. “Athos!” shouted the Gascon.

Chap. 24: Suddenly, the door flew open. It was Bobby’s mom. All four sets of eyes stared up guiltily. Wearing her familiar housecoat, she glared at her father through horn-rimmed glasses. “Where have you been?” she snapped. “I was just up here a half hour ago and you were nowhere in sight.”


All rights reserved. All images © 2002-2011 Daniel L. Ziembo


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